Winter Bowls

The purpose of this page is to describe the choices that Lincoln Bowling Club members have for Winter Bowling in 2022.  On the Outdoor carpet there are Triples and 2-4-2 Pairs Tournaments, a multi-week Singles Competition and an organised Weekly Roll-up.  On the Indoor carpet there is a multi-week Team Fours or Triples contests.  This page is largely based on last years activities and player numbers, except the information below for the Winter Singles is firm.   Otherwise changes may be required when planning is completed for Winter 2022.

The LBC Winter Tournaments are played from early May to late August.  Both Three Bowls Triples and a 2-4-2 Pairs are each played fortnightly on the outdoor carpet.  This is a full-size outdoor green and It is usual to use the same bowls as used in the summer on the natural green.

Teams need to reserve their participation with the tournament convenors.  There is a schedule of expected dates on this page and all these tournaments start at 12 Noon 'on the green'.  This means teams should arrive before 11.45am to log in and pay the tournament fee of $10. 

The Three Bowls Triples is normally played for 3 games of seven ends and the 2-4-2 Pairs for 3 games of 8 ends.  There are usually prizes for the first three teams.

The full schedule for the 2022 playing of the Winter Tournaments is further down this page.  

Lyndsey Withell (325 3016) is the Convenor for the Three Bowl Triples.  David Foskett (022 356 5195) is the Convenor for the 2-4-2 Pairs.
Winter Tournaments Programme

Winter Indoor Bowls is played in our club house on an indoor carpet.  There are three rinks equipped with ditches at the ends.  Full size bowls are used and it is normal to use a bowl with more bias than is used outdoors.

Play in the team Fours competition normally starts early May and continues weekly until mid August.  A Triples roll-up then continues through to early September.

Bowling is expected to start at 1.00pm on Thursday and Friday afternoons as detailed in a special draw.  Each day each team play three games of eight ends.  A points system is used to record the team totals each day.

For more information please contact Brian Williamson (325 2108) or Evelyn Carman (0277127195)
Photo of Winter Indoor Bowls
Winter Indoor Bowls

There will be an organised mixed roll-up for all members, starting at 12.30pm every Thursday.  To avoid standing around players may be allocated to rinks as they arrive.  

Bowling is subject to weather conditions and there being no standing water on the carpet green.  

For more information please contact Denis Smith (3252234)
A photo of the LBC Winter Outdoor Rollup
The Thursday Winter Rollup

    1. All players interested in playing a singles-based tournament throughout the winter months should let me know by e-mail, text or by telephone.
    2. The games will be played on Wednesday mornings starting at 10.45 am and finishing at around 1pm.
    3. The competition will start on Wednesday 8th April through to Wednesday 14th September.
    4. Players do not have to play on every available day. They can elect when to join and also when to finish playing.
    5. Also all games will be dependant on the weather. If it is raining NO GAMES. If the max temperature shown on weather report TV1 is lower than 12 degrees, NO GAMES. Some days the temperature may only be 12 degrees but with NO WIND games are very much possible and even enjoyable.
    6. When players arrive at 10.45 am we will draw numbers to decide who plays against whom. The games will be first to 21 or 60mins only. Then for the second game the WINNERS will move to their left and the losers will stay on the rink they previously played on. Winner will score two points. Loser 0 points. Draw 1 each
    7. It is probable that we will have odd numbers playing on one day. We will then draw to see who plays threes instead of singles. Here the winner gets 2 points, second one point and third zero
    8. All games will be self-marked with the winner of the end placing the jack (two jacks to be used). Dead ends will be placed on the 2 meter mark and scoring will happen accordingly. 
    10. Entry fee will be $10 per person (one off payment for the whole tournament). Depending on the numbers there will probably be 3 prizes (last year we were able to award 4 prizes with 30 people joining) a) The highest number of wins for anyone having played 50% or more games b) The highest average of wins on at least 50% of the games played and c) The most number of games played.  NOTE THAT NO PLAYER CAN WIN MORE THAN ONE PRIZE. 

Mundy Carroll  (325 7892)
Email 23 March 2022
Mundy's Winter Singles
Mundy’s Winter Singles