Picture Gallery Help

All the gallery pictures are displayed using a WordPress Plugin called FlaGallery. This Album and photo gallery Plugin has many good features, however unfortunately they are not well document. Hence the preparation of this web page. Below is a screen shot of the Gallery Selection.

The picture on the left displays just 3 of several separate Albums. The Album name is shown followed by the number of pictures it contains. You can navigate to these other albums in several ways. e.g. From the keyboard use the Left and Right arrow keys. Or left click on an image and drag left or right. Else at the bottom left and right are arrow symbols. Single click on either of these. To select a gallery just click on its picture.

The picture on the left now displays the 2021 Community Bowls Album. To navigate the page vertically you have options. Use the mouse thumb-wheel. Also click the vertical scroll bar on the right side and drag it. Or use the Up and down keys on the keyboard. To then select a picture to start displaying all the gallery pictures. Click the X in the top right to close the page and return to the previous page.

The picture on the left now displays the second picture in the above picture. Most symbols are self explanatory. In addition you can use the mouse thumb-wheel to zoom the picture. Drag the mouse left and right to move to the next picture . As well the keyboard left and right keys can be used to traverse the pictures.

The is for starting a slideshow and the time delay is shown in an animated circle in the top left portion of the display.