Committee Who’s Who

This is the Photo Gallery of the Executive Committee for the 2022/23 bowling season.  Thanks are due to Patron, John Stalker, for the Photos.  There are a few photos to be added.  The intention is that members, especially new members, can recognise who they need to speak to about any matter.  The phone numbers for all these people are in the "Programme Booklet". 
The Executive
Patron – John Stalker
Committee Members
Men’s Martch Committee Convenor – Bruce Gemmell
Bar Manager – Keith Thompson
Raffles – Mark England
Executive Member – Nick Alfield
President – Maurice Phiskie
Secretary – Lynore Weeks
Ladies’ Match Committee Convenor – Lois Begg
Centre Delegate – Margaret McDrury
Catering – Evelyn Carman (& Mary King)
Vice President- Keith Thompson
Treasurer – Jenny Kelly
Greens Superintendent – Dave Foskett
House Convenor – Dave Kelly
Tournament Sponsorship – Jayne McKay
Other Positions in the Club:-

Green Keeper:                                           Max Farrell

Ellesmere Delegates:                                 Maurice Phiskie & Dave Kelly

Men's Match Committee Members:         Michael Begg, Barry Hollands & Simon Vincent

Ladies' Match Committee Members:        Kay Titheridge, Margaret O’Connor & Margaret Ward

Club Bookings:                                          David Williams

Health and Safety:                                     Luke Clark

Social Convenor:                                       Lynore Weeks

Tournament Convenors:-

Lex Stewart Tournament:                          Mark Sheehan & Paul Lee

2-4-2 Tournament:                                   Graham Thiele and Kay Titheridge

Community Bowls:                                   Bruce Gemmell & Pat Weeks

Twilight Tournament:                               Margaret McDrury & Pauline Haydon

Outdoor Winter Triples:                           Lyndsey Withell & Jane Anderson

Outdoor Winter 2-4-2:                            Dave Foskett & Mike Rennie

Winter Indoor Bowls:                              Brian Williamson & Evelyn Carman